Elmo Be

by Gray

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Half parody-half freeverse of The Black Eyed Pea's "Imma Be."


Elmo be, Elmo be, etc

Elmo be on the next level
Elmo be rockin' over that bass treble
Elmo be chillin' with his muppet (muppet) crew
Elmo be doin' things Elmo wanna do

Elmo be up on that Sesame Street, hangin out with Zoe,
And Elmo be reppin these streets cuz
Elmo be rockin' this beat
Elmo be spittin' this heat

Elmo be seeing Dorothy, Elmo say hi
Elmo use his blanket to float in the sky (so high)
Elmo be drawing a doodle, Elmo say
Hi to Mr. Noodle (Do it do it) okay

Elmo elmo sing it this-a way
elmo elmo elmo elmo sing it that-a way
Elmo in the movies, Elmo Elmo be up in Grouchland
See me in a house crayon-drawing, Elmo bout that

Elmo be, Elmo be, etc

Rich baby, what what

Check me out, check me out

On top, never stop

Freaking heard

Yo, yo

Elmo be the upgraded new muppet broseph
orange fuzzy noses, aren't you another muppet
brother you should know this, tell 'em I'm the - oh shizz
ya'll better take me where another puppet show is

Elmo be the coldest, Grizzy be the hot one
Elmo flow frozen, Gray flow hot sauce
All over the blue world, red menace a problem
Elmo need a cute girl, I already got one

See me up in grouchland, Imma need a mousepad
I'm on my computer cuz I'm my own sound man
Elmo be the baddest MC, not a doubt, man
1 2 punchline, Oscar dela Grouch Can

Blue felt hair so I seem like a muppet
Other people stare when they see me out in public
Still sleeping on me? You probably haven't heard me
You can sleep together though, call you Bert and Ernie


released August 27, 2012
Instrumental owned by the Black Eyed Peas

Elmo voice by Gray



all rights reserved


Gray Detroit, Michigan

Gray is an up and coming YouTuber and hip hop artist. He's cool. Yo.


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