We Made You (Parody​/​Spoof)

by Gray

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All-in-fun diss of The Jokerr and all 8 of the finalists in his I Dare You To Diss Me Contest.


Guess who. You miss me? Dubbs, sing the chorus

When you walked through the door it was clear to me
You're the one we adore, who we came to see
You're a rockstar, everybody loves you
Jokerr, who could really blame you
We're the ones who made you

Back to rap by popular demand
Your last album didn't drop as well as planned
Especially after you bothers the fans
By making your contest run as long as it ran

We stopped caring in May June or July
We should hold you down and just make you decide
Tape you down and taze you in the eye
Since you're a fruit I'll bake you in a pie

(Just Kidding) I was using Passionate's vernacular
Best rapper ever inside of Immaculate
The record label, not Gary David
Gary's just the man that he spends every day with

He saw a car and hoped that he'd crash
Is it D-Pryde? Oh nope, it's E-Dash
Their internet fight, it got a little real fast
Passion lit up his lightsaber and then he slashed (Oh No!)


Killa T got praise for the diss he wrote
Even though his face is a little like a billy goat
I'm just playin, the beard is fine
It's the duck face thing I can't get behind

I went behind your back and made fun of yo
Just because I think it's funny you're a Juggallo
It's the fandom you run with I repremand
To be a fan of anybody that you're better than

Is foolish, who's this white boy wearing southpole
I don't recognize this inner city lookin groucho
Oh it's Eddie Lingo, he dropped weight
Cuz he stopped droppin so much food in his mouth hole

Wow Jokerr, now you're selling your clown clothes
Your name is hard, but will never be house hold
When I say "so old" you say "how old
was he" go and curl back up in your mouse hole


And that's why - our love, you couldn't live without
You know you need us Jokerr that's what this contest was about
You want pro - motion, we wnat promotion too
But in the end we know the one who really wins is you

Street Light took us to the House of Horrors
And some people thought it was "horrible"
But not as horrible as a horrorcore borrower
Doing hand puppets - deplorable

I implore you, turn your hand to me, Sketchy
Using your thumb is going to be messy
You must agree it sucks to be beaten
Based just on your sucky puppetry

But you still beat Street Light, that's pretty good
I bet he'd have beaten you, I bet your he could 've
If it would 've been a freestyle battle but it wasn't
So he lost just as bad as Dubbs did

You thought I was skipping you, didn't you Dubbs?
Thought I wouldn't get at you just cuz we're buds?
Get outta here Cuz, and go one Dennis Warren,
Do what you're good for and just sing the chorus


Get down, down down (repeat)

This wasn't even really a diss, I just wanted to make a fun video
I have enormous respect for all 9 of the people I just spoofed
But this here is the end of my diss career. Probably
Infancy. Coming some time eventually


released October 2, 2012
Instrumental is Eminem's "We Made You". Everything else created by me.



all rights reserved


Gray Detroit, Michigan

Gray is an up and coming YouTuber and hip hop artist. He's cool. Yo.

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