Cartoon Rap (Contest Version)

by Gray

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Created for Funk Volume's "Don't Funk Up Our Beats" contest.


ry'na get big so I flipped it to Wumbo
Puncha yo buns like I'm Finn from that one show
Take a little time with my adventure cuz I venture to bet
If it's my sword to your neck then I'll get cut throat

A buncha these fictional rappers just can't touch me
Half effort gimmicks from tiggas claiming they must be
the greatest and then blaming the industry that they're not famous
Always lyin'/lion and "man are they uuuugly"

I'm just kiddin' bro, get up off your pride rock
I'm sick of tiggas belittling the way I talk
There's a lot of people who actually like it
I'm not tryna hide the fact that I'm a white kid

I might get called black by the kettle though
Why don't you just let us know if you're jealous bro
You're bored with my nonsensical lyrics?
Maybe it'll make more sense when you hear this

This is cartoon rap, fictional hip hop
Mix rhyme and rhythm with the flicks that your kids watch
Rappers tryna compete, I say Tigga please
The only one, so I always keep it Tiggardly

Reanimated like Frankenstein's monster
And I don't have to be thanking my sponsors
Independent, can y'all do that
motherhugger this is cartoon rap, yea-eah

These nerdcore rappers never heard of hyperbole
They took it personal and now these nerds wanna murder me
So I've abandoned that word, yeah I prefer to be
My own movement, so now please defer me some courtesy

My flow sicker than a mo-frickin Flintstone
Gettin' squished under a giant dinosaur's big toe
Flying higher than a blimp though, riding the hind
side of a pegaus pony throwing bones at windows

I'm the Scrappy Doo of rapping dude, a little rapscallion
Who stands against rappers bigger than him and acts valiant
Grab the mask off of their faces laugh at them and
Reveal them as a bunch of swag rappers who lack talent

It makes me sad when this baby dragon isn't peaceful
But try to hurt my ego and I'll come out in Beast mode
And when I say beast mode I mean that I'm a blue haired intellectual
mutant that you just wouldn't wanna mess with yo


released May 20, 2013
Beat by Kato



all rights reserved


Gray Detroit, Michigan

Gray is an up and coming YouTuber and hip hop artist. He's cool. Yo.


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