Nerdcore Falling

by Gray

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Mixed/mastered by RainSnowHail:


A year ago I didn't know this subgenre existed
But now I'm resistant I wish I'd dismissed it
Or missed it in the first place but the first name that I heard
It had me feeling like my frickin' birthday

Is that a nerd that's accepted in rap? That's what I wanted to do!
I thought that I was first, honestly never knew what
Nerdcore was, bursting with anticipation
For the proverbial goldmine of music waiting

But later I was disappointed
I found a hundred thousand albums to get annoyed with
And half of them were completely unlistenable
If that's what I have to compete with then I'm dissing them all!

Listen, I drop bombs like on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
i ride away on a Yoshi and throw a shot of sake
right at your face, I'm a product of rage
Look at all the MCs I'm bout ta slaughter today

I'm the modern day Dr. Seuss, knockin' your boxers loose
You sold yourself like a prosthetic leg salesman
who sells his own leg to old friend
What did you think I was saying you frickin' bonehead

I go ham like rebellious Jews
Listen up, you better do what I tell you to
Do you want my two cents? Dude your music is useless
And we could use less of it if you don't wanna do this

properly, Imma ruin this pseudo monopoly
That you'd have gotten if not for my Naruto qualities
My verbal kunai made you cry, oh my apologies
...You're rudimentary and I'm a hot commodity

Cuz in the rap game, I'm a hungry hippopotamus
I fathered you like Hercules did Romulus
I'm an oddity and your monotony's monotonous
And Imma need to put a stop to this

A word warrior, nerdcore's first order
of business, get rid of absurd annoyances
Boy, this isn't a third grade poetry class
You're knowin' you're last, if you can't go any

Faster, Woody to a Buzz Lightyear rapper
You're old hat, drove past you, a Master of
Mario Kart, The Mario party is right here
I invited Link and I think he might need a light beer

I'll have a Faygo, as a matter of fact
You better lay low, cuz I'm the Brer Rabbit of rap
You may be bigger than me, but I outwit you
More renown spitter than me but I outspit you

The new greatest in the game and my names Gray
somebody get me on the same track as k.flay
Yeah you have my full support and endorsement
You me and Frontalot, I'll be the fourth horseman

But first we hafta find a third
It would be difficult to pick from what I observe
Maybe if we integrate Watsky into this giant herd
Even if he's not quite the right kinda nerd

You need lyricsm to be in the true pinnacle
In every 2 lines you should rhyme at least 2 syllables
between them, and please, that's still too minimal
Exceed that or you're a word-use criminal

This is a little bit of Gray and a little of Yarg
I'm bout to litter on your face with belittling bars
You meddling kids, you don't know who you're meddling with
You're dead in the water and Imma get to settling this

I'm the cantankerous, crank-yankin'est hater and my
bank statement is a blank slated bit of paper but I
Thank Yankovic and God for my blessings
If ever you got to impress me I can't think of it

That isn't even it neither
That was 64 bars for you 64 bit creatures
I spit ether and light it on fire
a baby dragon of the game with the bite of giant

Welcome to the Gray area where fake characters
articulate air-in-their larynges to embarrass ya
Artists should be scared of me if I'm sayin' they're terrible
I'm a lyrical pterodactyl to you parrot bums

I'm not trying to beef, I hope you know that
Collab with me so I can show you up on your own track
Then laugh at your aesthetically pleasing
demeanor, I beseech thee to seek either

A rap lesson or a rap session with professionals
You lack essence of a rapper to the last decibel
Here's the last message if you happen to hear this
You need to have the lyrics to warrant the weirdness


released January 27, 2013
Mixed by



all rights reserved


Gray Detroit, Michigan

Gray is an up and coming YouTuber and hip hop artist. He's cool. Yo.


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